By the second or third week of adjustment, he was much better. I could definitely see a big difference…

Maria Lugo

I had excruciating pain in my left knee. Got an unnecessary surgery and all of that. Came in about a month ago found out the problem was because of my hips. So I carried on with the treatment and a month in I have never felt better.


This place is outstanding! It has been about six months that my family and I have been coming to the office and I can say that there has been a huge difference in our lives. My children’s overall health has improved and they just love coming. My husband aches and pains have gotten much better. As for myself, I was getting sick about every two weeks. After starting Chiropractic care at Fisher Chiropractic Center I have not gotten sick once. In addition, the staff is wonderful and they make everyone feel so welcomed. Dr. Fisher, Dr. Craig and Dr. Eric are the best! Would I recommend them? Absolutely! I already have 🙂

M. Sabroso