It was a crazy morning, the traffic was rough, and I was in pain going to one of Baptist Hospital office for different tests. The Bone Density and X-rays of the Back Bone would reveal something I already knew. More than 20 years ago, I fell out of a chair in my office, and my cervical vertebrates but mainly my lumbar ones, suffer a lot. At that time, I had MRI and X-rays, and the orthopedic doctor referred me to a Physical Therapist. They alleviated my pain for a while, and so the prescribed pain killers. Every so often for about 20 years, I would feel the pain, and would take a pain killer. These were affecting my stomach, but there was no other way. I had to take care of both, a multi-handicapped and profoundly mentally retarded daughter (now almost 25), and a father-in-law with Parkinson (now deceased). Both bed ridden.

Now, these new tests read that several lumbar vertebrates did not show almost any space between them and my bone mass was getting thinner. My primary doctor recommended then, not only exercise (which I do at the Gym twice or three times a week), but to make a decision whether I wanted to go to an orthopedic doctor or a chiropractic one.

My personal trainer and massage person (Tommy Bretthauer, Superhands Massage, Corp.) had already mentioned to me I needed an adjustment in my back, but I have always thought chiropractors were not “real” doctors. Anyhow, I decided to take a chance. I already knew about Orthopedic medicine, and my suffering for more than 20 years. So I decided I was ready for a challenge. Several people recommended their own chiropractors, but no one was close to my home, and my unique situation with a sick daughter made me call Aetna, Inc. (my own medical insurance) for advice.

Aetna recommended Dr. Paul Fisher as one of the best in the field. That made me feel comfortable enough since he also was located close to my house. Even though I had my doubts that a chiropractor could help me, I decided to take my chances.

The first time I met Dr. Paul Fisher, I liked him right away. His kind bed manners, so scarce in so many doctors these days, conquered me, and the joy and cooperation of his staff and personnel, made me feel like I was at home with a bunch of friends.

Dr. Fisher recommended back bone adjustments three times a week during almost two months, and later twice. I have been seeing Dr. Fisher for more than three months now, but it takes time to correct something that has been wrong for more than 20 years. I can comfortably say that about the first month, I felt like another person. I used to feel a big bump in my nape, in the cervical area, that after several weeks disappeared. I stopped taking pain killers, and followed his recommendations of stretching every morning, or as many times as needed during the day, drinking lots of water, exercising, and using some special levelers inside my shoes that have helped me tremendously with my walking and posture.

And last but not least, as I have told Dr. Fisher in many of my visits, it’s the aptitude. Yes, the aptitude of the chiropractors. They are believers, they are people with an incredible positive energy. They smile, they talk with kindness, they take their time with their patients, and explain details about the treatment. The time you spend in a chiropractic office is minimum in comparison with other specialties, since their only goal is adjusting your back, but whatever time you spend there, be with the doctor or the staff, it’s always quality time, not only for your health but for your well being in general. I can’t stop telling everyone about all of these benefits.

I enthusiastically say it, like an old commercial, “Try it!…You’ll like it!”