I was first introduced to Fisher Chiropractic in September of 2007. After a month of being out of work and emotionally drained, I didn’t know who else to turn to for my condition. I had just entered my career as a hairstylist, and started to eel the physical strain of the job.

It was the beginning of August 2007 when I started to feel pain and pressure in my wrists. After two weeks the pain started radiating out to my hands and arms. I decided to go to the Miami Hand Center and was diagnosed with repetitive motion injury. I was recommended to wear wrist braces and take anti-inflammatory medication. My condition was not improving with my doctor’s suggestions. After numerous x-rays, a wrist MRI and a nerve conduction study, my test results were inconclusive.

More time passed and my family and I were becoming frustrated. I continued to research my symptoms and was curious if my condition was originating in my spine. I found Fisher Chiropractic through my health insurance. I called the office and was in later that afternoon. I was immediately drawn to the friendly staff and positive atmosphere of the office.

Dr. Craig examined me, and reassured me that we would be able to fix whatever was going on. He also recommended I wear wrist braces to sleep, take vitamins, and continue chiropractic care if I wanted to. The next visit he began to adjust my spine, wrists, arms, and shoulders. I was going three times a week and was back at work in less than two weeks. Not only were my wrists improving, but my whole body felt better.

Six months have passed since I began and I look forward to my visits once a week. I have brought my mother into the office for her sciatic pain and general body aches. She is feeling as great as me and still visits the office. I have also talked to many of my clients about the benefits of chiropractic care and how I feel it is a safe alternative to prescription drugs and/or surgery.

Dr. Craig still works on my wrists and arms, which keeps me working free of pain. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with the Fishers. My mother and I love chiropractic care and keep it a priority in our lives.