Although I have been a patient of Dr. Fisher’s for  many years, this is the first time I have taken the opportunity to express my deepest thanks to Dr. Fisher and his staff for the unfailingly excellent chiropractic care I have received.

What prompted me to speak at long last is the realization of how lucky I was to be involved in an auto crash last year! Although most people regard car accidents as a bad thing, it took an accident to get me to make chiropractic visits a regular part of my life. Previously, I would wait until I was hurting to get an adjustment. I always felt great afterward, and would make resolutions to get therapy on a regular basis, but found excuses not to keep my vows.

Things changed radically when, during my post-accident physical, Dr. Fisher discovered a spinal curvature that would have only gotten worse with time and neglect. My insurance company paid for three months of therapy and adjustments, then advised me that the next step was surgery. This is typical of the short-sighted and ill-informed approach insurance companies adopt! Their main concern is the bottom line, not the patient’s well-being.

Fortunately, I had heard too many horrors stories about the negative effects of back surgery, and opted to continue Dr. Fisher’s treatment on my own. Thank goodness I did! Regular visits and adjustments have not only helped me recover from the trauma of the crash, but have actually made me feel better that I did before the accident! I know that visiting Dr. Fisher’s office will always be a positive experience. I leave feeling so wonderful, with a spring in my step and a new sense of energy and purpose. And Dr. Fisher’s staff is invariably friendly, courteous, and helpful.

Chiropractic is now part of my life routine, and will always be. So even though it took a car accident to get me on the road to a healthier spine and a healthier life, this is one cloud that had a silver lining. My deepest thanks to all of you at Fisher Chiropractic!